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The Bodyful Campaign

Bodyful - a combination of "body" and "beautiful". Our goal is to empower all bodies of all sizes and colors to find the beauty within themselves. 


Affirmation Cards


Website/Social Media Mockups

Affirmation Mobile Wallpapers


Business System

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Creative Brief

BODYFUL by Mabel Wang, Erika Nordman, Ana Ignatecsu 

1. Background 

  • Body image and eating disorders are an extremely prevalent issue that is all too common but not discussed enough, and everything around us seems to promote this toxic behavior. Anyone that has a body has probably had a problem with their body. With society pushing extreme diets and beach bodies, while shaming anyone who does not look like a runway model, it is almost inevitable for impressionable minds to find themselves standing in front of their mirror at night unsatisfied and ashamed with the reflection staring back at them. It is ingrained into the most primitive parts of our brains to want to fit in and to be attractive to the people around us but has now twisted into an illness that is plaguing the youth. These negative thoughts are intrusive and very hard to ignore. Even individuals who are aware of their problem and know it is all false will still struggle with fighting against it.


2. Needs 

  • We want to build a community where people can share their experiences with mental health and body image and support each other. This community will be inclusive of all genders and is meant to make people feel beautiful and strive for both mental health and physical health. (physical health being whatever weight and size is best for each individual). Our goal is to make sure that everyone can realize their unique beauty without comparing themselves to Victoria Secret Models. People should see their beauty no matter what their size, shape or color. Through the social media campaigns and a variety of products we will educate people about how to see their beauty and remind them that they are not defined by their skin. Currently Tiktok and Instagram are gaining momentum in terms of body positivity but most accounts are run by one individual. 


3. Project Objective 

  • Lower the number of people who say that they experience mental health problems around their body image. 


4.Project Strategy


  • Affirmation cards

  • Bathroom notes

  • Public poster affirmations (at grocery stores)

  • Phone/desktop wallpaper

  • Social media account

5. Message 

  • Our goal is to empower all bodies of all sizes and colors to find the beauty within themselves.


6. Audience List 

  • Early Highschool to late college age. 12-25yo

  • Little to no income to be spending on products.

  • People who use social media often

  • We are targeting people who don't like their bodies/ feel like they need to diet to be beautiful. Most everyone has seen their body and saw more than one thing that they didn’t like about it and wish they could change. Our goal is to reach out to these people and reassure them that the way they are at their natural, healthy state is beautiful and acceptable.  We want to be able to connect with young people when these problems become the most severe with a focus on dismantling diet culture. 

    • General population

    • People with eating disorders

    • People who are overweight

    • People with disabilities

    • People with skin conditions

    • People of color

    • Non-binary people

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